Florencia García Chafuén - Hospital Property

An illustration of a blackbird
Resident Monday 6 May to Saturday 11 May 2024. 
Florencia García Chafuén spent three months as a patient in a psychiatric hospital, against her will. In this residency she will explore 'the boundaries between reason and unreason, the shifting and uncertain, the contested and controversial, the female body readily deranged. Insanity haunts the human imagination, it fascinates and frightens all at once.'
Florencia will work with esteemed collaborators in music, film and movement to help her question: What keeps us going? Who gets to decide what is madness? What is the 'line' between human frailty and fortitude?  What keeps us 'sane'? 
Florencia García Chafuén began her artistic career on the Buenos Aires arts scene in the 90s. Since moving to Scotland in 1998, she has worked extensively in collaborative projects in the UK and internationally with organisations and artists like Dudendance, Mischief La-Bas, Vision Mechanics, NVA, 85A, Oceanallover, Linder Sterling, Tai Shani, Angus Balbernie and Ian Smith.