Heather Marshall and Helen McIntosh

A head and shoulders shot of the artists Heather Marshall

​“A heid full ae snakes is bound tae make yae do mad hings”

Heather is creating a contemporary, Scottish retelling of Medusa, a woman wrongfully branded as a monster.
The curse that was placed upon her was not from Athena but rather from her own body and mind and the way society viewed her. This new performance will explore the impact of hormones upon a woman's mental health.

Working with producer Helen McIntosh, Heather will use the Tramway residency to evaluate and develop her practice to find a new way of creatively working that is conducive to her disabilities and also responds to the changing landscape of COVID-19, which has emphasised, more so than ever, the inequalities within our sector.
This alongside the other barriers faced by disabled, working class and queer artists highlights the need to bring voices that are not currently represented to the forefront.

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