Himadri Madan - The Gaze: You, me, us and them

Residency 15 to 19 May

A woman poses in a red sari, her arms and stomach scrawled with words

"The Gaze - You, me, us and them will be a live performance with two key elements: An interactive film installation and a live solo performance. I envision using this residency to develop the live solo performance.

This project emerges from my experience of being an Indian classical dancer and an Indian woman and aims to delve into how I collide and collude with the structures of patriarchy, expectations of physical perfection and the internalised idea of modesty and shame. Through the week of the residency, I will engage with the text Draupadi, written by Mahaswetha Devi, which revolves around similar themes. Holding on to the thread of the text I wish to delve into my relationship with my body in relation to society, to explore how I have/have not internalised shame and translate it to movement and spoken word."