Tramway Supports: Himadri Madan

Across Boundaries

Two portraits of performer Himadri Madan, one with head in hands, are overlaid

30 August - 3 September 2021

During her residency, Himadri Madan will be developing the work Across Boundaries as she explores the experience of being a female Indian classical dancer. 

'Currently, in my practice I am challenging the socio-cultural and creative boundaries in Indian classical dance. I have found myself being stuck within the loops of expectations, idealisation, and perfection.
I will be exploring the experiences of being a female Indian classical dancer by deconstructing the major elements of the dance form:

  • -Hierarchy, where the teacher is above God, for it is through your teacher that you know God.
  • Perfection: What is perfection? Are we all impostors in a game where none of us will ever be perfect enough?
  • Feminine Representation: How does Indian classical dance propagate oppression of women through moral policing, imposition of modesty and desexualisation of appearance, roles, and voices?
  • Resistance: the constant conflict between my inner and outer self, the dilemma of finding the comfort within this structure and the need to break free from it.'