Jenn Taggart

A performer poses in a woodland setting, framed by a modernist steel structure

Jenn Taggart is a contemporary dancer and choreographer from Paisley, she currently works for The Work Room and Tramway in Glasgow as a dance artist as part of Weston Jerwood Creative Bursaries. Jenn also teaches contemporary dance at Dance inc Studio Centre College in Glasgow and runs her own dance school in Paisley, teaching a range of dance styles, Jennifer Scott Dance.

Jenn will be using her residency time to explore performance and workshop ideas for her upcoming Tramway Beyond Walls performance in August. Her creative practice is inspired by music which usually initiates her ideas or enhances them if she has a subject matter in mind. Jenn uses tasks to create her choreography as well as some improvisation. Her work with communities encourages participants to talk about what engages them whether that be social, political or personal and she creates tasks to suit their responses.

You can follow Jenn on:

Instagram @jennifertaggartdance