Jian Yi

A dimly lit installation including a leather armchair and three television screens displaying static

Cloud States

Residency - Monday 27 February to Friday 3 March 2023

'Cloud States' is a multi-disciplinary performance art and dance piece mapping queer migrant belonging.

Working with movement, art installation and video, 'Cloud States' builds towards a multi-form performance work exploring what it means to inhabit a space. Enabling the audience to access different experiences of time, memory and space, 'Cloud States' is concerned with redefining the politics of the body. The performance uses movement to anchor subjectivity in the surfaces of the body and its surroundings, redrafting boundaries and making space abstract. The project is engaged in making-strange of space, reconfiguring what we know to be the body and its limits. As a new exploration of internal wildernesses and in its drive to break down the borders of identification, 'Cloud States' works towards a perceptual shift in our understanding – by changing our 'upright' perspective of the world and ourselves in a new kind of experiential body-politic – coming from the inside-out.

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Photo: Jassy Earl