Laura Bradshaw

In a studio, a woman lies on the floor, her feet on a walking frame which is being pushed by a young child

Care and Interdependence 

Residency - Monday 13 to Friday 18 March 2023

'I am interested in the position my body takes as I move in relationship to my son when supporting him to move or travel. I have begun to see this as a kind of duet. Where ordinarily all of my focus would be on his body, now the focus is on our bodies in relationship with each other. This changes the focus of my movement. I begin to see it as a kind of improvisation. I examine my role in this ‘duet’ - my intention is to support, to correct, to facilitate. But what is my son asking of my body? How do we redress the balance, and can we?

During my Tramway residency I will develop these ideas by separating these functional, caring movements from their source and exploring them as choreography in their own right, understanding how they become an expression of my own body, and how my movement and body might carry traces of my caregiving. I will use the residency time and space to explore and develop the choreography and begin to film it. This choreography might eventually be part of a wider project that other parent-carers have the opportunity to visit and contribute to.