14 March 2024

Tramway announces new performances for Spring and Summer

Three dancers stand on a bright green stage with a dark backdrop, they look towards the photographer

A Futuristic Folktale and a double bill of Korean dance are amongst the treats that audiences can enjoy as part of Tramway’s upcoming programme, from April to July 2024, announced today

As part of a national Festival of Korean Dance, a Kontemporary Korea double bill (Thursday 16 May) introduces work by two of Korea’s leading choreographers. Cheol-in Jeong, as Melancholy Dance Company, presents Flight, a characteristically virtuosic and emotive duet which aims to express the human desire to soar towards goals through leaps and falls. In Tomorrowisnowtodayisyesterday (TiNTiY), high energy audience favourite Sung Im Her looks at the impact of (social) media on society, and reflects on the physiological effects of oversharing, over-saturation and the bombardment of information on the physical body.

Futuristic Folktales (26 and 27 April), by contemporary dancer Charlotte Mclean and Collaborators, is an experimental dance theatre performance using contemporary, breaking and Scottish Highland dance. It questions the preservation of tradition, myth and identity, and scrutinises borders, body politics and reproductive injustice. Futuristic Folktales seeks to both further dance as a form of political protest, and to offer a dance of hope.

Taking performance beyond Tramway and into the community, Alleyne’s Bonded (29 June) will be performed outdoors, but in and around a specially designed transparent structure. Devised and performed by twin sisters Kristina and Sadé Alleyne, this expertly choreographed dance narrative is about human dependency, especially that of siblings. Details of the southside performance location will be announced in June.

The programme also includes Project X presents Artist Voice (6 and 7 April), a showcase of new works-in-progress from early career dance artists of the African and Caribbean diaspora; and YDance - Project Y Evolution (13 July), presenting performances by some of Scotland’s most ambitious young dancers, plus two dance companies from Germany and Luxembourg, through YDance’s international exchange programme.

Tickets are on sale now.


Photo - Sanhoon OK