5 January 2021

Tramway Supports: Announcing the recipients of new awards from our Tramway Supports strand

Abstract photograph showing mirrored limbs

Our Tramway Supports strand offers artists working in contemporary dance and performance a combination of residency time, rehearsal space, mentoring or artistic bursaries to evolve a new piece of work.  In late Autumn 2020 we published a number of call-outs for a variety of supported opportunities in the contemporary dance and performance sector.

Following these call-outs, we are delighted to announce the recipients of the following awards, who will be developing work in Winter 2020/Spring 2021:

Tramway Residencies

Financially supported residencies for Scotland-based artists working in contemporary performance who wish to develop their work with another arts freelancer.

A head and shoulders shot of the artists Heather Marshall

Heather Marshall is developing a contemporary Scottish retelling of Medusa, a woman wrongfully branded as a monster. She is working with Producer Helen McIntosh

A close up shot of a set of small sculptures

Thefuries will be working with photographer Tiu Makkonen and costume designer Zephyr Liddell to create sonic and visual material that ‘speak a journey of survival.’

A performer in a tracksuit jumps high against a checkerboard vinyl, which sits in front of an urban scene

Tony Mills & Dave House are developing City Breakz, an outdoor pop-up hip hop and breakin’ dance trail

A pixelated close-up of a laughing woman

Writer, artist and filmmaker Raman Mundair will be collaborating with Taiwanese sound artist and musician Sarya Wu to progress her project Radical Acts for a Woman Artist of Colour.

A puppet arm hangs on strings

Aniela Piasecka & Paloma Proudfoot will develop choreography engaging with sculptures made by Produfoot to explore the connection between health and clothing.

A sunny landscape shot

Hamshya Rajkumar will collaborate with Niroshini Thambar and Nik Paget-Tomlinson to develop ‘trâu.daze’ an immersive soundscape performance involving dancer and audience.

Abstract photograph showing mirrored limbs

Thulani Rachia will develop on remembering Our Hands, a process of place-making through the use of scenography, sound and the performing black body.

Penny Chivas and David Bowes will explore the lighting design of Penny’s work Burnt Out, the story of one Australian navigating our changing climate.

Find out more about all these supported projects here

Tramway Remote Residencies

Supporting Scotland-based artists working in the fields of dance or contemporary performance with a desire to collaborate and participate in a virtual/online international exchange:

Kerieva McCormick and Gary Stewart (Jamaica)
Director of KAM-RI Dance Theatre Kerieva McCormick will be in residency with visual artist and former Head of Multimedia at Iniva (Institute of International Visual Arts) Gary Stewart.

An abstracted figure against a brick wall

Vince Virr and Yuck Miranda (Mozambique)
Vince Virr and Yuck Miranda will undertake an exploration of pre-colonial queer identity in Mozambique throught its traditional music and dance.

Skye Reynolds and Khamlane Halsackda (Sweden)
Edinburgh-based dance artist and performance-maker, Skye Reynolds, will collaborate with Khamlane Halsackda, a Lao/UK dance artist based in Sweden.

Find out more about these supported projects here. 


Main image: Black Continuum by Thulani Rachia