Nichola Scrutton - Night Vision

Residency 5 - 9 June 2023

A woman stands in a recording booth of a studio

Nichola Scrutton is currently producing a body-of-work, Night Vision, through 2023. Night Vision is a contemplative, dynamic, vocal sound work that crosses territory between concert, theatre, live art, and visual art.

At its core is a large body of text written during the night over a two-year period, lying down in a semiconscious state - a very different starting place for Nichola as a composer and artist. Several iterations are underway - a release, a performance and a film, each offering a different way in which multiple narratives can emerge through and beyond the text.

The Tramway residency is focused on producing additional visual/sound materials for the film – a poetic documentary weaving together live performance and archive footage.


Team for Residency

Composer, Director: Nichola Scrutton
Cinematographer: Kirstin McMahon
Sound Recordist: Stevie Jones
Production Manager: Nick Millar
Producer: Nichola Scrutton
Outside Eye: Nicholas Bone

Night Vision is supported by Creative Scotland. Nichola thanks Tramway.

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Photo © Julie Broadfoot