Penny Chivas - STOP

8 to 13 January 2024

Responding to the changing laws and tactics around climate protests, Penny will begin initial research into what it may be to take a physical stance in the face of constant change.

Penny will draw from photos, songs and chants, and interviews with activists involved in direct action, as well as research the physical tactics that may make arrest more challenging. Penny will work alongside collaborators Nicolette Macleod and Mona Kastell to begin to investigate the sounds, movement and visual imagery related to the work. This may involve questions of power, of strength and yet also passivity and what forms they take. The residency will ultimately reflect upon the role of anger in relation to the climate crisis

Sustainability Planner - Katy Dye, Choreographic Mentor - Dora Frankel

With additional support from the National Lottery through Creative Scotland.