Sarah Hopfinger: Pain and I

During her residency, Sarah Hopfinger is working with collaborators to develop the live performance version of Pain and I, which is set to premiere at Summerhall in August 2022 during the Edinburgh Fringe, as part of the Made in Scotland showcase.

A bold exploration into chronic pain experience, featuring playful choreography, experimental dance, intimate autobiographical text and new classical music composition. Pain and I unashamedly celebrates the rich complexities of living with pain and asks: what can pain teach us? You are invited to reflect on what it means to care for our bodies, ourselves, and each other in times of personal and collective pain. Diversely accessible – performance (live), audio experience (digital), visual publication (digital)

Funded by Made In Scotland, Creative Scotland, supported by Take Me Somewhere, Platform, The Work Room, Battersea Arts Centre and Tramway.

Social Media Pages:

Instagram: @sarahhopfinger @criphipsugartits
Twitter: @sarahhopfinger @criphipsartist

Photo by Brian Hartley

The head and shoulders of a woman, her eyes closed, both hands raised, palms outwards, against her face