A figure dances against a shimmer curtain, the stage strewn with balloons


Residency - Monday 6 to Friday 10 March 2023

During this week-long residency, Glasgow based dance-theatre company Shotput will be working on their new work DISCOTHEQUE.

DISCOTHEQUE is a glittering, wild, sometimes raunchy piece of dance-theatre for teenagers and everybody who once was one. Through a mixture of big ensemble dances, colourful solos, and witty duets - as well as live filmography and an onstage DJ - DISCOTHEQUE pushes the often-hidden feelings that teenagers have about sex right to the surface. It's not a documentary. Nor is it an education. It's a celebration. This is a show about lust, not love.

Shotput is led by co-directors, Jim Manganello and Lucy Ireland, and creative producer, Helen McIntosh. Joining them in the studio will be 7 performers from across the UK, designer Anna Yates, video designer Rob Willoughby, and lighting designer Emma Jones.
This project has been supported by Creative Scotland.

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