Tony Mills & Dave House

A performer in a tracksuit jumps high against a checkerboard vinyl, which sits in front of an urban scene

City Breakz will be an outdoor pop-up hip hop and breakin’ dance trail with performances taking place in, and interacting with, unusual city locations.

Aside from being a fun, funky and weird juxtaposition of dance and environment for audiences to engage with, City Breakz is also driven by the question of where and how we make room for art and culture to exist, grow and inspire people; and to be accessible in the face of changing city landscapes through gentrification and homogenisation.

For this residency, choreographer Tony Mills and digital sound artist Dave House will be getting in the mix and investigating how sound can complement and reinforce the dancer's journey - one of fragmentation to resolution - and what role the city can play in this soundscape.

Header photo by Sam Temple