Traffic Light Cabaret

Traffic Light Cabaret is about place and identity with a sprinkle of good ole' fashioned entertainment.

A series of pop-up presentations from different artists, Traffic Light Cabaret brings performance to the streets of Pollokshields and Govanhill, and is a celebration of street culture that gives passers-by a moment of relief through performance.

So far, there have been performances from:

On Tuesday 1 June: freestyle dancer Dyron Sandoval, and contemporary dancer Jenn Taggart, 

On Wednesday 2 June: Skate Crew Sugar and Spin

More pop-ups to be announced

Please note, we don't give times or locations as these short works are designed for people to encounter unexpectedly. The series is being filmed for future broadcast so that people will also have a chance to encounter them online.

Creator/Director - David Banks 

About the Performers

Freestyle dance champion Dyron Sandoval spreads the joy of movement across local architecture, and lights up the street with the help of his son. 

Sugar and Spin is a skating collective based in Glasgow, made up of Libby Odai and Chrissie Ardill. They want to bring roller skating to the world! Catch them as they skate across various iconic spots in Govanhill and Pollokshields in an action-packed tour.

Jenn Taggart is a dance artist, choreographer, and teacher based in Paisley. As part of her Weston Jerwood Creative Fellowship, Jenn will be teamed up with a world-class filmmaker to see what they can create in just half a day!

Zenga the Titan brings a soulful blend of hip hop, music and poetry. Like a bolt of lightning, the microphone titan will be visiting local fish & chip /sweet shops to mark Congolese Independence Day with his music poem Mikates and Fish and Chips.

About the Filmmaker

Traffic Light Cabaret will be filmed by Johnstone MacPherson Stewart, a visionary filmmaker from Scotland who has made a name for himself through his unique, dynamic style of storytelling.

His filmmaking passion originated from his deep involvement in the action sport Parkour. His cinematic action films and continuing involvement with free running community The Motus Projects has brought him international recognition. 

Johnstone’s own physical agility and strength, together with his sharp eye for movement, allow him to achieve shots that would be otherwise unattainable.

About the Creator

Traffic Light Cabaret is created and directed by David Banks, a Glasgow-based artist and movement specialist who aspires to reclaim cities and reduce inequality through community arts and performance.

David also heads our Community Architects panel, who co-designed the Tramway Beyond Walls programme.


Photos by Brian Hartley