Valeria Levi - 'Listen to the Amazon' keeps moving

Three performers sit on black plinths of different heights

Residency 6 to 11 November

'Throughout this residency I wish to develop 'Listen to the Amazon', an experimental performance where different artistic languages blend together under the form of a trio made up of myself (dance and spoken word), Eloise Kretschmer (music) and Benedetta Zanetti (BSL).

Our starting point consists of presenting Amazonia as a victim of deforestation and needing a ‘space to breathe’ to keep on surviving. Breathing turns out to be the bridge connecting human beings with Amazonia. This connection is what accounts us for being responsible not only for protecting Amazonia from deforestation but also for creating ‘spaces to breathe’ for us and the forest.

During this residency, we will work on taking the piece to the next level by starting to develop the staging of the piece (i.e. set design and costumes) as well as strengthening the relationship between dance, spoken word, music and BSL.'

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