Wei Zhang

Gild My Body, Gild My Soul

The performers Wei Zhang poses in a striking red mask

22 – 26 June 2021

Wei Zhang's residency was used to explore some of the central themes of their practise:

'The subjectivity Sino-queer are facing a dehumanized situation, which has been socially, politically and culturally marginalized as Others in China and in Western countries.

Chinese traditional values (shaped by yin and yang concept based Confucianism and Taoism, the asceticism of Chinese Buddhism, and ‘totality’ of Marxism) historically reinforced cis-heterosexuality as a standard morality, and subtly constructed and endowed queerness with a strong ‘Otherness’. Suppressed life pushes Chinese queer out to the West for chasing ‘sexual emancipation’. However, the migrant Chinese queer found out that Queer theory (a lack of intersectionality and transnationality) exists the structural racism and systemic exclusion towards Chinese and Chineseness; the unified (white) queer politics request Chinese queer to ‘Come Out’, etc. to be assimilated or the refusal of doing this means a backwardness of Chineseness. These cause Chinese queer degrading as sexual Others globally. Thus, emphasizing the identity of Sino-queer is very important to construct the fluid subjectivity.'