White and Givan: Grace

A male and female dancer in an interwined pose, arms outstretched

In this residency, White and Givan will be developing new work, Grace:

'Vulnerability and strength juxtaposed, sacrifice, humility and defiance, the empty space, absence and presence are all concepts that we will be exploring.

Our aim is to harness our own personal experiences to layer and mark the body with information, exploring multiple perspectives through depth, scale and empty space to communicate embodied human experiences and emotion. Recently, we have been inspired by the works of the Portuguese-British visual artist, Paula Rego. Her work displays the incredible notion of strength in vulnerability and vulnerability in strength. Also, the works of old masters Caravaggio and Ribera who portrayed the physicality of the body to express human emotion, pain, love and sacrifice. We will explore and delve into the vulnerabilities and strengths that exist within us as they intertwine in equal measure with humility and defiance encapsulating an ethereal beauty.'


Photo by Susan Hay