Nick Cave: Call and Response

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DIG 19 will run during Tramway’s major new installation UNTIL, the first European exhibition by Chicago-based artist Nick Cave. The radically optimistic yet subversive space explores the resonance of race relations and politics around the world; metaphorically entering the belly of the Soundsuits he is known for. 

Cave also offers the space as an ‘alternative town hall’ for performance, discussion and events with a Call & Response project; with 8 artists invited to a workshop with Cave, and invited to create a response to UNTIL which may be presented at any point through the run of the exhibition. 

The following responses will be presented during DIG 19:

'untitled (shim.mer)' | Claricia Parinussa 
Friday 4 October, 5.45pm | Free
A meditation on the urgency, the spectacle of existing. Not your spectacle but mine.
So these voices, these souls may too, matter, materialise across between despite time space
(or the knowing that's felt)
The fifth work in a solo series under 'the sky was pink' movement research project

'Full' | Barrowland Ballet's Wolf Pack- choreographed with Aya Kobayashi.
Saturday 26 October, 12 noon | Free
Hyper visible and vulnerable, their bodies emerge and retreat within the immersive landscape. Can you see me? Can you hear me? Join Barrowland Ballet’s intergenerational company, Wolf Pack, as they weave their way through the gallery. Collectively they respond to Nick Cave’s exhibition, to the history of joy and pain and explore and embody the environmental and political issues concerning them today.

Christian Noelle Charles | Thulani Rachia | Seqouia Barnes | Aya Kobayashi | Najma Abukar | Ayọ̀ Akínwándé | Adebusola Ramsay | Claricia Parinussa | Project X

Many Studios /Natalia Palombo
Transmission Gallery
Barrowland Ballet
Shared Space (A Moment’s Peace Theatre  / Kuche)
Vogue Scotland

Until was organised by MASS MoCA, Massachusetts and co-produced with Carriageworks, Sydney and Crystal Bridges/The Momentary, Arkansas. Principle exhibition support was provided by an anonymous gift. Major exhibition support was provided by Jack Shainman Gallery and Beadcraft. Curated by Denise Markonish MASS MoCA and for Tramway by Claire Jackson.