Rabiya Choudhry: Big Broon Stressed Oot Eyes

Rabiya Choudhry: Big Broon Stressed Oot Eyes
Every day from 16th Sep 2020 until 11th Oct 2020 Tramway Visual Arts

A street-facing mural on display at Tramway

Rabiya Choudhry creates works that explore the complicated coupling of eastern and western cultures in richly vibrant portrayals of the different autobiographical factors in her life. Her influences are drawn from a diverse hybrid of styles, ranging from psychedelic art, comic book art, album cover art, song lyrics, voodoo and folk art, b-movie film posters and cartoons.

Choudhry often uses dark humour in her work as a powerful tool through which to address topics which are complex and difficult to talk about such as depression, anxiety, love and loss. She describes her works as ‘joyous, demented expressions of these themes, mirroring the worlds we experience both outside and within.’

For her new commission for Tramway's facade Choudhry, who grew up in Glasgow’s south side, has created a mural in response to our current collective moment. With characteristic Glaswegian humour Choudhry has created a playful image of two large eyes which peer anxiously from Tramway's two front gallery windows. 

Tramway has commissioned this street-facing work, in advance of our reopening, as part of a programme of work which aims to bring art to our audiences and into the public realm whilst we are temporarily unable to welcome you into our spaces.


Tramway is currently CLOSED to the public. This artwork can be viewed from Albert Drive, outside the front gallery, from 10am-4pm daily.

Read more about plans for our phased reopening here>