Charlie Hammond, Iain Hetherington and Alex Pollard

Alex Pollard
Rumorz Kitten-Heel Boots, 2012, Printed suede, rubber, leather, Courtesy of the artist

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It’s well-made work that can take a joke

The Skinny - 4 stars

Part of Generation - 25 years of Contemporary Art in Scotland

Internet Curtains

Internet Curtains is a three-person group show that brings together Charlie Hammond, Iain Hetherington and Alex Pollard. All three artists utilise black or wry humour in their work, often tackling complex contextual issues inherent in the production and dissemination of contemporary art in a globalised context.

The title Internet Curtains brings to mind the term ‘Post-Internet’ - a by no means uncontroversial term coined by Marisa Olson describing work made in a milieu in which the Internet has become more of a banality than a novelty. The title also refers to ‘net curtains’, which are commonly associated with British middle class bungalows. The ‘twitching’ net curtain has now assumed its role as a cipher for suburbia and its supposed narrowness and nosiness.

Although interested in many of the discussions within Post-Internet art the title reveals that the artists are keen to maintain a critical distance from buzz terminology and maintain a sense of self-effacing within the process of making art.