Rough Mix

Rough Mix
​Take 6 artists, mix for 2 weeks and see the results. 
Rough Mix is the creative development programme of Magnetic North (previous work includes Pass the Spoon, Walden and Sex and God).  Led by Artistic Director Nicholas Bone, Rough Mix is an opportunity for artists from a variety of disciplines (dance, theatre, visual arts and music) to spend time together talking, exploring and creating.  Over two weeks, each practitioner works on a project in collaboration with the others and the residency ends with a work-in-progress showing of the results. 
The artists at this year’s residency are:
Christine Devaney (choreographer)
Linda McLean (playwright)
Janie Nicoll (visual artist)
Miguel Rojo (director/theatremaker)
Kate Temple (visual artist)
Bill Thompson (composer)
They’ll be joined by emerging artist Sarah Bradley and a group of performers.  The residency is led by Nicholas Bone.
You can follow the process on the Rough Mix blog at