Sarah Lucas

Sarah Lucas

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"Lucas goes from bad girl to terrific sculptor in this rumbustious, raunchy and inventive tour of old works and new. . . Vulnerability, sensitivity, humour – she's got the lot."

The Guardian's Adrian Searle on Lucas' show at Whitechapel


Tramway presents the first substantial exhibition in Scotland of Sarah Lucas’ work, bringing together key works from more than twenty years. Lucas is one of Britain’s most important sculptors and a key figure of the generation of Young British Artists who emerged during the 1990s.

Lucas creates provocative works which challenge and subvert attitudes towards the body, gender and sexuality. Characterised by the use of everyday, familiar materials, her works bring together raw, urban materials – concrete, breeze blocks and crushed cars – with more abject and fragile elements such as underwear, stuffed tights and discarded mattresses. Perched on concrete plinths or bound to domestic furniture, forms appear to be comprised of conjoined, disembodied limbs, breasts and phalluses, evoking both historical and contemporary representations of the body.

Lucas often knowingly inhabits masculine clichés, reframing and subverting them to reveal the forces at work in the construction of dominant stereotypes. Juxtaposing seminal early sculptures with her recent furniture and large scale prints, the exhibition contains a number of works which confront cultural taboos around gender, sexuality and the erotic. Using the full scale of Tramway’s main gallery, Lucas sets up an immersive, provocative environment where themes played out in her work over the last two decades converge.

 Click here for audience reactions (warning this film and the gallery tour film contain images from the exhibition which are of a sexual nature).

Adjunct Events & Late Night Opening 6, 20 February & Thu 6 March, (please note we have had to cancel the tour on 6 March. Apologise for any disappointment this may cause)

Tours at 6:30pm (last 40 mins)

Late night opening 8pm