To Gypsyland

To Gypsyland

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Co Curated by Barby Asante, 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning
To Gypsyland is a project by Delaine Le Bas, exploring ideas and myths of 'Gypsyland'. Gypsies and Travellers are often viewed as part of the pastoral landscape and countryside romanticism.  But where is the 'real history' of Gypsies and Travellers, especially within the cities. In To Gypsyland the history and myths created in the majority from academics outside the community is open for a new perspective.  With site-specific re-enacted performances presented as video and photographs, alongside archival material from the artists collection, ideas of nomadism, creativity out of necessity, a language that has it's roots in the far east and the diversity of the community will be discussed and re-presented. 
Explore to a new and diverse picture of what 'Gypsyland' has historically been seen as, what it currently is and what it can possibly be.  On this journey from London to Glasgow there is also an invitation for people to contribute to this gathering of stories though the To Gypsyland Blog, Facebook and Twitter accounts. 
To Gypsyland has been commissioned by 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning in partnership with Tramway.  To Gypsyland is supported using public funding by the Arts Council of England

Meet the Artist
Tue 23 – Thu 25 April
Location: Upper Foyer Exhibition Space
An informal and free opportunity for members of the local Roma, Scottish Traveller and Gypsy communities to meet with artist Delaine Le Bas, share stories, memories and experiences of life in Scotland, and potentially become part of the exhibition. Just turn up no booking required.​

Exhibition Opening Event – All Welcome
Fri 26 April, 5-7pm 
Location: Upper Foyer Exhibition Space
First chance to see the exhibition and meet the artists, featuring performance by local Govanhill-based youth dance group Romane Jakha. Free refreshments will be provided. 

Artist Talk 
Sun 28 April 
2pm – 4pm
Location: Upper Foyer Exhibition Space
A free event featuring presentations, spoken word and traditional song. Featuring artist Delaine Le Bas, curator Barby Asante, collaborating artists Shamus McPhee, Jess Smith, and Damian Le Bas. Presented in association with 198 Contemporary Art and Learning.