Several women, dressed in red, are seated and standing in and around a large tree

This exhibition is a celebration of femininity, pride and collective strength told by the empowering women of Bradford collective, Speakers Corner.

This exhibition will be displayed at the site of Peaceophobia, performed at Q Park Candleriggs 15-17 June. We advise audiences to arrive at least 15-30 minutess prior to the performances so they have plenty of time to find the location and experience the Sisterhood exhibition first.

Speakers Corner is a political, creative, cultural collective based in Bradford, led by young women. Their goal is to connect and inspire people to create social change:

"The beauty in the photoshoot is that there is no justification, just claiming the space and taking control. As young women, we live in a state of flux, sometimes hyper-visible and sometimes completely invisible. Born out of a lack of positivity within the media narrative, these photographs present a sense of freedom and utopia, a chance for us to exist and be seen in the way we want to be! For us, Sisterhood is about unconditional acceptance, being there for each other no matter the circumstances by uprising through the darkness and celebrating life."

This project was a collaboration with art director Neesha Champaneria and photographer Vivek Vadoliya. It was shot around Bradford in 2020, highlighting the beauty of Yorkshire's landscape and paying tribute to the city.


Photographer Vivek Vadoliya

Art Director Neesha Champaneria

Models Maleehah Hussain, Taiba Qayyum, Scout Worsley, Zakia Jabeen, Mariyah Kayat and Sajidah Shabir Produced by Mariyah Kayat and Sajidah Shabir

Graphic Design Jack Walsh

Audio Description Vicky Ackroyd



Header photo: Vivek Vadoliya