Tramway XR

A digital rendering of Tramway's entrance in the dark
'Fractured Tramway' courtesy of ISO Design

What is Tramway XR?

Tramway XR is a 3D model of our venue which can be used to create virtual exhibitions and interactive digital experiences. It was originally commissioned from ISO Design as a research project during the venue’s COVID closure, and has since been used for a number of projects.

The entire building - from exhibition and performance spaces to backstage, offices, and plant rooms - was captured using LiDAR, a laser-based system, to accurately map large areas. The data captured was used to create an architectural BIM (Building Information Modelling) model. Too large and unwieldy for creative applications, the Research and Development arm of ISO Design, isoLABS, adapted it to VR prototypes and online galleries which can show digital versions of artists' work.

A key aspiration of the Tramway XR project has been to experiment with new creative tools and technologies to support and amplify artists' work in the digital space whilst still respecting their original form. Offering access to new audiences, not limited by location or ability to visit the venue, is a key factor in this series of explorations.

Creative outcomes

Developed with Tramway’s commissioning team and Glasgow International, the first version of Tramway XR captured the work of Bodys Isek Kingelez so that it could be archived and experienced in VR. Kingelez’ fragile paper sculptures were captured using photogrammetry to create 3D objects.

In the next version, Tramway’s huge T2 exhibition space was recreated for the online exhibition Dressing Above Your Station - Fashion and Textiles in the Life and Work of Artist Steven Campbell, in partnership with Beca Lipscombe and Mairi MacKenzie, produced by Panel. Here, a 1:1 scale digital version of the space was generated, and Steven Campbell's paintings, photography and clothing were scanned and presented as an interactive tour. 

In Lucas Chih-Peng Kao's Portals, ISO Design sampled the model to create a dynamic structural space to house his 360-degree films. One moment the virtual space is abstract and chaotic, the next all fragments appear to align, and Lucas’ films are revealed.


Below: An image of the virtual exhibition Dressing Above Your Station, including a virtual T2 gallery 

A digital rendering of a large gallery space, walls hing with art

About ISO Design

ISO Design is an award-winning Glasgow-based digital design studio. They specialise in large-scale immersive installations for galleries, museums and visitor attractions internationally, working with leading artists, designers, curators and cultural institutions.

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