Gathered Together 2022: Friday 8 July

Gathered Together 2022: Friday 8 July
Date 8th Jul 2022 7.00pm - 9.15pm Price £12/10 concession Location Tramway Book tickets 0845 330 3501 0845 330 3501

Part of Gathered Together, a four-day festival of performance from some of the world’s leading inclusive dance organisations, presented by Indepen-dance. The festival also includes a series of workshops. If you are interested in participating, visit their website to see the full programme of events.

This evening's programme includes: 

Resident Island Dance Theatre [Taiwan]
Ice Age
An international, inclusive, choreographic collaboration between visually impaired choreographer Chung –an Chang - Artistic Director of Resident Island Dance Theatre - and disabled choreographer Maylis Arrabit. Ice Age explores the different ways that people support each other within their own cultural environments.

Paragon [Scotland]
Freeze is a new piece created by Paragon's M3 dancers and choreographer Lisa Simpson. We are all unique and diverse. We are frozen in our own identities.  What can happen in this freeze? Where do we go from here? Are we forever suspended in our own spheres of experience? 

Clifftop Projects’ Intergenerational Dance Company [Scotland]
The sight of the stars makes me dream
Inspired by the works of some of their favourite artists, Clifftop Projects’ Intergenerational Dance Company have made the stage their canvas and painted it through choreography. This is their inaugural performance. 

ConCuerpos [Colombia]
IRA (meaning 'anger' in Colombian) is a 2 parts work that addresses how the feeling of anger arises in the face of injustice and has the potential to generate individual and collective change. In the first part choreographer Diana Leon presents anger as a motor source, like an explosion that allows a rebirth. In the second part choreographer Laisvie Ochoa investigates the place of anger in the sentimental configuration of Colombian identity.

Clare and Lesley [Scotland]
It's a must
Exploring what it’s like when dainty femininity is met with strength. Through their movement vocabulary, Clare and Lesley share their journey as they fight for their place in a society not built for them. Through the use of release-based movement and improvisation, they want to invite you on this journey with them. 

Choreographed by Leeanne Dobbie.
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ACCESS: The programme will be BSL interpreted and Audio Described

RUNNING TIME: 2 hours 15 minutes including intervals

About Gathered Together
Scotland’s leading inclusive dance company, Indepen-dance, presents Gathered Together 2022 

Over four days, the festival will host performances from some of the world’s leading inclusive dance organisations. 

There will also be opportunities for dance artists and people interested in inclusive dance practice to come together and share skills, techniques, and knowledge through a programme of practical workshops. 

Image: Resident Island Dance Theatre: Ice Age

Gathered Together 2022 programme

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