Introducing Naomi Shoba: A personal blogpost

Posted on 17 Apr 2018 in Tramway stories

​Six months since she began working at Tramway, Naomi Shoba tells us a little bit about what's she's doing, and why she is so excited to be involved with Tramway:

'Hello. My name is Naomi. I am Senior Arts, Music and Diversity Manager for Glasgow Life Arts and Music Service and I’m based in Tramway.

I’m six months in and it’s been a joy working in this industrial cavern!

I trained in Glasgow and as theatre students we came to Tramway a lot to see shows. At the time it was a huge (slightly chilly!) venue for experimental dance and performance and a social hub for the arts community. Now I know what goes on behind the scenes!

The team has given me a warm welcome, introduced me to Ranjit’s Kitchen, rock climbing and I’ve become part of a dedicated creative team who keep Tramway on the cultural map.

Some of my highlights have been attending Project X’s innovative dance piece Grin based in T4 in my first week. Seeing the beautiful, otherworldly Aquasonic in T1. Going to the Upstairs Gallery opening of the Koestler Trust Arts by offenders’ Scotland exhibition and the young Roma photography exhibition Photo Message made with Community Renewal, Friends of Romano Lav and Media Co-op. Both moving and thought provoking displays.

While I was flat hunting before I even started the job I used Tramway (and the free WiFi…) as a base to organise flat viewings and wandered into the Tschabalala Self exhibition in the front Gallery. Just that experience alone made me excited to work here and be a part of the dynamic, political, creative work that makes Tramway.'